Mrs. Maria Ruvalcaba - Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Ruvalcaba has been a teacher at Fourth Street Elementary School since September 1989. Prior to that she taught three years of Spanish at the High School level. She finds her time at Fourth Street to be very rewarding. She has taught grades Pre-K through 4th. Third grade has been her favorite grade, having taught Third grade for 12 out of her 29 years at Fourth Street. That is not where Mrs. Ruvalcaba's stay at Fourth Street actually began; it began in the Winter Semester of 1966. At age 5 Mrs. Ruvalcaba entered Kindergarten for the first time here at Fourth Street School. She remained at Fourth Street until finishing with her 6th grade class. She continued on to neighboring Griffith Junior High (as Middle School was at the time) and Garfield High School. She graduated with the class of 1979 and continued on to California State University of Los Angeles. Education has always been important to Mrs. Ruvalcaba. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language - Spanish with a minor in English, and continued on to receive her Teaching Credential for Single Subject Spanish, with a Supplemental Credential to teach English. Not stopping there she also received her Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential for grades K-12, and later her Reading Specialist Credential along with her Masters in Elementary Education - Reading/Language Arts. She has earned many other certificates as she believes in staying informed with Curriculum and teaching strategies. Once she retires from teaching she would like to continue her education as being a life long learner is important to her. All of this is what she would like to have her students to learn from: her love of her community, her love of learning, and her belief that all children can achieve their goals, hopes, and dreams.



Maria Ruvalcaba

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